The Hidden Payout-Payback Cycle

The Missing Key for Maximizing Consistent Monthly Profits In All Market Conditions . . .
​​​​​​​No Matter What You Trade or Which Trading System or Strategy You Use

Have You Experienced the Thrill of a Winning Streak? . . .


Only to Watch Your Profits Evaporate As Your Previously Good Fortune Suddenly Reverses in a String of Losses with the Exact Same Strategy?


There's a reason for that. And, surprisingly, it's NOT your strategy's fault. 


It's called the Payout-Payback Cycle - which hardly anyone knows about.


If you continue working against this cycle, then you're doomed to perpetually repeat the roller coaster ride of wins and losses. . . no matter what market you trade or which trading system or strategy you use.


But, as you learn to work with this Cycle, you'll break-free from the boom-bust cycle and finally have the missing key that opens the door to experiencing consistent and predictable wins while significantly reducing your losses and drawdowns.

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